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Welcome to Caravan Camping Oz! This site is dedicated to camping, caravanning and travelling around Australia.

We are currently travelling around Australia compiling the best information on things to do, see and experience in this amazing country we proudly call home.

Follow us on our trip around Australia by clicking here: ' Blog'. In our blog, we write regular posts of all the beautiful things and amazing places we've experienced personally while travelling around Australia.

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Travelling Around Australia

Australia has it all! Everything from the world's best coral reefs, beautiful beaches, idyllic tropical islands, lush rainforests, empty red deserts, snow-capped mountains and everywhere in between lies perfectly green vineyards and productive farmland.

With so much diversity, Australia offers something for everyone.

Although travelling around Australia is an unforgettable experience, it's a trip that requires serious planning and preparation.

How Long to Travel Australia For?

Australia has around 820,000 kilometres of road - all of which leads to hidden treasures and amazing attractions in Australia.

How much of beautiful Australia you see on your travels will depend mainly on how long you travel Australia for.

Read any facts about Australia - this enormously vast continent and you will soon learn that there is so much to see over enormously vast distances.

Where To Go & When to Go

Where you go while travelling around Australia, will depend mainly on when you go.

Australia is a country of extremes - it's climate and weather is no different.

Deciding on when to travel Australia will depend on what you want to see and experience.

Do you want to laze in sunshine on white sandy beaches, ski the slopes of Australia's highest peak, experience or avoid the 'Big Wet' in the north? hopes to provide you with all the information that you need to plan, to prepare and to experience the best of life on the road.

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